[][src]Struct nettle::cipher::Salsa20R12_256

pub struct Salsa20R12_256 { /* fields omitted */ }

256 bit variant of D.J. Bernstein's Salsa20/12 block cipher.


Salsa20/12 it a reduced round version of Salsa20.


impl Salsa20R12_256[src]

pub const BLOCK_SIZE: usize[src]

Salsa20/12 block size in bytes.

pub const KEY_SIZE: usize[src]

Salsa20/12 key size in bytes.

pub const NONCE_SIZE: usize[src]

Salsa20/12 nonce size in bytes.

pub fn with_key_and_nonce(key: &[u8], nonce: &[u8]) -> Result<Self>[src]

Create a new instance with key.

pub fn crypt(&mut self, dst: &mut [u8], src: &[u8])[src]

Encrypt/decrypt data from src to dst.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Salsa20R12_256

impl Send for Salsa20R12_256

impl Sync for Salsa20R12_256

impl Unpin for Salsa20R12_256

impl UnwindSafe for Salsa20R12_256

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